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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
The old "Cubbies sell out no matter what" thing has always been an urban myth. **** 'em. They are terrible, and no one should be surprised if "Theo's" master plan fails. Future Hall of Famer Jorge Soler hasn't played since June, and Mike Olt sucks. Those *******s think Samardzija is an ace, too. The ****er has a 4.29 ERA in the National League. Best pitcher in Chicago.

Samardzija would be the No. 4 starter on the miserable, woeful 2013 White Sox.
Excellent post. Samardzija is yet another example of the Cubs hype machine. There were actually nonsense articles written during the crosstown series that said he was better than Sale. Rizzo is another one that went through the media coronation as a future HOF slugger when in reality, they will be lucky if he becomes the next Adam Laroche. It seems MLB scouts have caught up to him and that average has been falling like a rock. Rizzo also has one of the worst batting averages with RISP among MLB players with enough qualifying ABs.
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