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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
That's exactly what I was referencing in my previous tirade. Yeah, Samardzija threw a two-hitter in the crosstown series. So what? Lots of pitchers have owned this weak-hitting Sox team this season, including the great Scott Feldman.

I've seen Sale dominate some of the best lineups in the American League this year. Look at his last two starts against New York and Detroit. Hell, he's got three wins against the Tigers this year. Let's see the great Samardzija post a sub-3 ERA in the American League. He can't even get his damn ERA below 4 in the National League.

It's just now starting to dawn on these Cubbie idiots that Travis Wood has been that team's best pitcher from start to finish this year.

I've heard two different commentators this year say Rizzo "will one day go for 40 and 120 every year." Laughable statement. Miguel Cabrera has had only two seasons of 40 and 120 in his career. Pujols did it five times, I believe, and Frank Thomas did that three times. Joey Votto has never done that. Nobody goes for "40 and 120 every year." Ridiculous to place those expectations on anybody.
Want to see a Cub fan's head explode? Show him/her Rizzo's 2013 hitting stats and Adam Dunn's 2013 hitting stats without their names attached. Ask which one is Rizzo and which one is Dunn......he he.

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