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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
Unless I'm misreading this situation, the White Sox are telling Konerko his days are numbered here. They must have a very low opinion of his baseball skills. I realize he hasn't been hitting so far this year but still to be sitting on the bench 2 games in a row and seeing Adam Done starting in place of Paulie has to be demeaning to Konerko. After all he's sitting on the bench and Done is playing and hitting all of .137. If they're going to continue benching him they might as well release him. This looks like its going to be a bad ending to Konerkos career on the Southside of Chicago. I don't know how Ventura can possibly bench Konerko and keep Done in the lineup. I've said it before on one of my earlier posts, Adam Done is the worse all around player the White Sox have had in my lifetime. His 3 years with the White Sox he has a BA of .178 which is the worse for any cleanup hitter in modern day (post World War 2) baseball history. And yet Konerko is being benched and a bum like Adam Done is still playing. I get it...because you don't like Adam Dunn...
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