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Originally Posted by KempersRS View Post
Thanks for the insight. I guess it would seem feasible that they are going to give him the opportunity to start at third next year at the big league level. Creates a little bit of an issue if they wanted to bring Vizquel back. Have to assume Jones will be gone, and then really who knows how PK/Kotsay/Quentin shakes out.

Since it seems like they will actually be in better shape on the infield, I assume Teahen gets moved to the outfield. I think some people will cringe with Teahen being an every day right fielder, but I can't imagine they move him or use him as a super sub after the extension they gave him.

I suppose they could continue the rotating DH madness too. I honestly don't mind Teahen at the plate though.
I am actually okay with a rotating DH if it means one more good bat comes our way.
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