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Originally Posted by BainesHOF View Post
Benetti is HORRIBLE. He's immature and has no discipline. He seemingly would rather talk about anything but the game -- even in the late innings of a close one. The guy has no self-awareness. He makes a sllly comment and can't leave it alone, making more silly comments about an inane subject only interesting to him. There's some psychological stuff playing out with him, too. He sure likes making all kinds of comments about people in the crowd. It's like listening to a 10-year-old do the game.

As for Stone, he's along for the ride. He's so glad to be free from Hawk that he's willing to humor Benetti's immaturity. Stone has become a shill, too. Plus he's a phony. I've personally seem him be a mean-spirited jackass to fans when he knew Sox brass wasn't around. There's a reason he actually got booed during SoxFest introductions this year.

There's a couple knowledgeable Sox fans I know who can't stand their announcing either. Unfortunately, I suspect this pairing isn't going anywhere with the team's ratings rise. Of course, the rise is due to the team's performance, but management will falsely credit their new broadcast partnership for part of the improvement. A Major League team in a major market should field a broadcast to match. The Sox really blew a chance when Hawk retired to put together a young, first-class duo in the booth. At least Benetti is young. What was the thinking in keeping Stone? A new smart, energetic young team would've fit the emerging product on the field, and as a bonus it would have been a more attractive alternative to the boring, grandfatherly announcing on the North Side of town.
Iím with you. I loathe both of them, but am resigned to the fact that we are stuck with both until new ownership comes along.
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