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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
I'd agree with all this with the caveat that I think back in 2014 most people would include Avi and maybe even Flowers in the list of the Sox young core. In hindsight, the 2014 core had four young players who turned out to be very good (five if you want to include Rodon and six if you want to include Semien), but at the time I think people on here were thinking there six positions on the roster that could be counted on for production for a while.
This is fanciful.

Avi got 190 plate appearances in 2014, after 168 in 2013. He couldn't hit and he couldn't field. Moises Sierra got 135 PA and played at least as well.

Flowers was already 28. He had just completed his sixth season with the Sox and he had been terrible for every one of them.

Nobody considered these dog**** players "the Sox young core".
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