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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
Let me try to summarize succinctly:

1. While on the surface we would appear to be in the same place as after the 2014 season, things are somewhat different;

2. The current cost-controlled core (Giolito, Kopech, Cease, Moncada, Anderson, Eloy) is younger and deeper than was the cost-controlled core as of 2014 (Sale, Quintana, Rodon, Eaton, Abreu);

3. The current batch of top Sox prospects (Robert, Vaughn, Madrigal) is ranked higher than the post-2014/preseason 2015 batch (Semien, etc.);

4. I think the biggest question for Hahn/KW is this: “Given how so many previous veteran acquisitions - Keppinger, Bonifacio, LaRoche, Samardzija, Navarro, Shields, Castillo, Alonso, Jay - completely underperformed both their contracts as well as your and our expectations, what lessons did you learn regarding, and what kinds of changes have you made to, organizational major league scouting and analytics departments, to reduce the chance that future major league acquisitions turn out to be busts?

Excellent summary. I completely agree with the bolded. We won't know the answer until this offseason (and perhaps next offseason) plays out.
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