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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
The Betts talk is bumming me out. I can't believe there are people that still think the White Sox will set the market in years and dollars in a free agent bidding war. That isn't happening. It's not a pipe dream, because it isn't happening and cannot happen.

We were 2 years and $50 million short on our last attempt to sign a player of this ilk. And he was the easier sign. Mookie Betts is going to get $400 million. We aren't going to do that. Temper your expectations. When free agent lists are revealed, scroll the to the bottom. Those are the guys we can sign. Make sure you don't scroll up more than a couple names.
I don't think Betts will get Trout money, but he'll get mid-$300M for sure. And he'll deserve it. While I agree with you the front office will very likely not pony up for his services, one can dream.
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