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Living in DC, it's almost absurd how routine this kind of stuff has become for Max Scherzer. He just struts out there every 5 days, throws some pitches, walks around the mound, and and half the time accomplishes something noteworthy or historical. Nationals fans are mostly angry and disappointed right now because their team has never gotten out of the first round of the playoffs and everyone's favorite player just left for the hated Phillies, but in retrospect their grandkids are going to be asking them what seeing Max Scherzer pitch in person was like.

My favorite Scherzer story is one game I went to with my wife, who is a nurse. He took a comebacker off the leg, tried to do his strut around the mound afterwards, and after a step or two just collapsed into a heap. My wife was sure his leg was broken. The trainer came out, but Max Scherzer just got up and started pitching again. He won the start. That same game, he threw an immaculate inning but I missed it because I was on the concourse getting nachos.

The normal laws do not apply to this man.
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