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Originally Posted by Hitmen77 View Post
Is his return to a higher velocity thanks to improved/more efficient mechanics?

Back when he was in the Nats system, he was ranked among the top prospects in baseball. It would be great (needless to say) if he's finally on track to live up to that kind of ranking. He's still only 24, after all. I know it's only been a few good outings, but the progress is encouraging.
He completely revamped his mechanics in the offseason, which he said improves his changeup because he is not showing the hitter the ball as long during his wind up.

Giolito is such a strange pitcher because even last year when he was awful, he was able to shut down the Red Sox. This year he's looked good against bad offenses but while he hasn't done great against good offenses, I don't think he's done terrible either. I hope he has something figured out though.

Go Sox!!!
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