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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
It's not about percentages, certainly not the global percentages. I don't believe Delmonico, who picked up Anderson to begin to extend a seventh-inning two-run lead, is the future of this team, and I don't believe hitless Anderson leaving seven runners on base and hitless Abreu leaving five runners on base should fail to disappoint because the team overall had a higher batting average with runners in scoring position that major league baseball overall has had this season.

The team result was certainly more than adequate. The Sox probably would have won if they hadn't scored after the seventh. Fortunately, we'll never know. Sanchez drove in as many runs through seven as the Jays scored all day. The Jays meanwhile gave the White Sox an abundance of opportunity in the last three innings, and the five runs in the last three innings proved the difference in the game.

My initial statement wasn't even a criticism, really. It was an observation that the Sox wasted scoring opportunities. I think you not caring about wasting scoring opportunities is ridiculously misguided, but I really only mention that in response of your defense of wasting scoring opportunities.
Your standards are unrealistic. Hitting a baseball is really hard, and hitters are going to fail at it a lot more often than they succeed at it.
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This is the major leagues so get it how you live and letís fight tomorrow.
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