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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
Interesting you should bring him up. Ron was a catcher at Gary Wirt. The Dodgers signed him as a catcher, and he suffered a broken neck in home plate collision in his first minor league game. After the Dodgers paid for his nexk surgery and ultimately released him, he made the White Sox with a tryout in the old park where he put on a a hitting display that included a line drive through one of the lower-deck arch-way openings behind the seats.

Kittle came up as a hitter. He hit 50 home runs for Edmonton in 1982. He wasn't going to stay in AAA to learn to hone his defense. He had been learning to learn to play the outfield in the minors and continuing at the major league level. He graces the cover of one of Charlie Lau's hitting instruction books. He is not on the cover of any book on outfield instruction. I don't know if anyone has ever asked him how he would have felt about simply being a DH after signing with the White Sox. It wasn't up to him, of course, but he worked hard to become a major league baseball player. I can't imagine he would blow off a learning a big part of playing the game.

I would question the future of any player who wasn't prepared to work hard to develop his skills, offensively or defensively, his future earnings potential notwithstanding. I would question a team that would limit a young healthy athlete by relegating him to DH. Jimenez is coming off an ankle injury, not a broken neck.
This assumes that hard work automatically equals success. There are millions of baseball players out there who worked really, really, really hard and still never developed adequate minimum competencies to reach the major leagues.
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This is the major leagues so get it how you live and letís fight tomorrow.
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