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Originally Posted by Mohoney View Post
Every player in the majors is a professional athlete with highly regarded skills. Lots of them work hard. Lots of them are still bad defenders despite the fact that they work hard.
If you sign a player with no major league experience to the contract that Jimenez got and tell him he doesn't have to work hard to learn to play a position, I can't imagine that wouldn't have an impact on team chemistry.

But that isn't even my point.

The father in A Christmas Story describes the White Sox as a team of utility infielders. Now the team looks more like a team of designated hitters. That includes a couple of players who can't hit and even a few pitchers who can't pitch and probably couldn't hit but couldn't be any worse at hitting than pitching.

I find it incredible that people would be arguing to relegate Jimenez as a career designated hitter with all the limitations that come with it for both the team and the players. It isn't as if he's physically unable, having simply grown old, having broken his neck, having lost a thumb to mortar shell (sorry, they played the field), having had numerous knee surgeries, having had a hip replaced.

If Jimenez is so fragile that he can't play the outfield, he won't last long as a designated hitter, not as the hitter people expect him to be, anyway. A season where winning isn't important would seem a great time to develop Jimenez as a complete player.
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