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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
For me, I am a Hahn backer for now. From what I can tell, the way he GM's and the way Kenny GM's are very different. 14-16 felt like the Kenny / JR Directive of put fans in seats, try and win. It failed.

I love the new draft approach, tools over athleticism, loud tools. What scares me is how badly we develop talent. We are absolutely terrible at it. Getz is said to be a wizard, but if he is from the Buddy Bell school, is he just wizarding the same useless magic that doesn't get results?

Time will tell.
It's difficult to properly evaluate the extent of how bad the organization develops talent because the drafting of talent has been so terrible. When you constantly have a bottom of the league farm system, with the only talent being mostly being "athletes", hard to develop something out of nothing. That pretty much only goes for the hitting prospects.

Side note, I do think in this whole discussion that their development of pitchers has been a strong suit and not enough credit is given there.