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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
I love the new draft approach, tools over athleticism, loud tools. What scares me is how badly we develop talent. We are absolutely terrible at it. Getz is said to be a wizard, but if he is from the Buddy Bell school, is he just wizarding the same useless magic that doesn't get results?

Time will tell.
I see it the opposite. Of course I seem to see everything the opposite of people around here these days.
I believe that the drafting and talent evaluation has been the problem.
Getz came from outside the organization. maybe he spent a little time with Bell but not much. I think he's done a good job.
Hostetler, on the other hand, has been with the Sox for nearly 2 decades (he left for a couple of years and returned). I don't see a big change in the draft other than more college players. I can't judge his performance until another year or so when the players should be matriculating into the majors.

Tatis wasn't a failure to develop - it was a failure evaluate. San Diego didn't develop Tatis in 2 months; the Sox developed him and he blew up with the Padres.

Teams like the Astros excel at evaluation (they excel at both). Heck they get Alvarez (top 50 prospect) for the essentially bad pitcher Josh Fields in a slick July 2016 move where they trade for a prospect while still in contention.
You make your breaks.

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