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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
He was a top 30 international prospect signed for $825K. It's not like he blew up 2 years after the trade - it was 2 months.
There is no way you trade a legit prospect, which he was, in a salary dump transaction, which is all Shields was worth at the time.
There was a systematic failure...and the question is whether it has been addressed.
That he turned into a top 5 is luck - but you make trades like this for players for whom you should get nothing of value, and you make your own luck. Or, in the Sox case, you make your own bad luck.
Here are three respectable lists of the White Sox top prospects following 2015 or entering the 2016 season. Tatis appears nowhere. We all know how awful the system was at that point. He was a complete afterthought.

The revisionism is coming from your end. If they trade a guy like him 100 times, he probably turns out to be nothing 99% of the time.