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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
There was a systematic failure...has it been addressed?
Or is it just a decade of bad luck.
None of the above. Most of the systemic problems have been addressed: draft cheapness, drafting athletes with low floors and low hitting tools, Doug Wilder scandal, rushing prospects to the majors and/or rushing them to use as trade bait in an effort to ďwin now.Ē

The one systemic problem we cannot overcome is JRís emphasis on loyalty over accountability - and thatís not on KW or Hahn.

Tatis didnít play a single game in the Sox system; itís not that they mis-evaluated him; they didnít have an opportunity to evaluate him. I suspect the Padres really wanted him, got beat by the Sox during the international signing period, and saw a chance to get him in the trade. The Sox probably deemed him expendable because they had Tim Anderson, and Hahn very much wanted a veteran starter to solidify the rotation. The bigger scouting failure in that trade was either under-estimating or mid-diagnosing Shieldsí struggles.
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