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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
All who have bothered to speak on the matter don't share your optimism. And lots have cared to share.

And I despise points like this. It's a straw man argument. There isn't evidence to back your assertion, but he MIGHT exist? Yeah. I admit it. Someone might have a different opinion on the matter. That doesn't make it not an extreme outlier.
What optimism? I haven't taken a position on the matter at all. I was merely pointing out that you claimed to know the opinion of ALL scouts and ALL "experts" on the matter. I'm skeptical that you personally know the opinion of even a substantial portion of either. And what I did does not remotely meet the definition of a "straw-man argument." I did not assign you a position you did not take and then knock that down. You exaggerated your claim to lend undeserved credibility to it.

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