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Originally Posted by sullythered View Post
Ha! The only one that you got close to correct is your third assertion. The first two are just impossible for you to know, on top of being just so overwhelmingly unlikely. The last assertion should have been phrased, "some members of the White Sox organization have concerns over Sale's ability to maintain the number of innings that come with being a starter."

You would be so much better at debate if you didn't overstate so wildly.
Like I said before, if anyone says any different, their opinion isn't public knowledge. And scouts are pretty vocal people who talk to the media whenever they get a chance. Have you even met one before? Most have strong opinions and never shut up about them.

Look. Let's put it this way. Everyone's argument against me is semantics. There is nothing to challenge the notion that the opinion I've provided on Sale isn't as close to a rock solid expert opinion that you're going to find. Do something to prove that's not the case instead of making pointless arguments about semantics.

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