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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Ugh...I swear, people use the word blogger just like they used "internet" ten years ago to mean something HAD to be false.

Just because he's a blogger, doesn't mean this is made up. And the guy actually says it's on the Cubs end and to file it under "never gonna happen".

Loxas has been a "blogger" on Chicago Now for a while, and his "sources" have generally been correct. I'm tired of hearing people rag on bloggers because they somehow have less credibility than a newspaper, despite a wealth of evidence that it's just as much a pile of **** thrown at a wall.
I doubt that any sports blogger is generally correct. Even credible sports sources are incorrect more times than not. Many people who get paid good salaries to be be reliable sports columnists are wrong to some degree more times than not, but no one holds them accountable for their mistakes.

There are reliable bloggers. There are reliable sources on the Internet. But there is no reason to believe that anything you read from a blogger or on the Internet is reliable.

Of course, suggesting that the Cubs would like to have Chris Sale in their starting roations is like suggesting that on a clear day the sky is blue.