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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
Love / Taylor:

You guys are numbers people...look it up.

Sox were in the top four in the league in 2005 in:

Home Runs
Stolen Bases
Sacrifice Bunts
Sacrifice Flys
Infield Hits.

That my friends is called balance.

They didn't have it in 2006 nor since then.

Nothing to scratch your head about at all....unless of course you've got dandruff!


Your list of greatest trades is right on the money. Thome deal doesn't even come close.


Lip, you seriously want to argue this?

Thome alone, how did he affect this balance you speak of?

How does plugging in Thome and removing Everett/ Thomas affect anything from the 5 items listed?

The only thing all 3 of them could do from your "balance" list is hit HRs. And Thome could do it better than any of them.

So what's your point?
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