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Rowand wasn't on the club that's how the 'balance' was destroyed. He was also very popular in the clubhouse and a real gamer....I know that doesn't count for **** because you can't measure it.

The point isn't Thome vs. Thomas / Everett (although Carl was a terrific team leader and clubhouse presence. Not having him around also dramatically changed the culture...again I know it doesn't mean ****, you can't measure it).

It changed team balance because Jim was another home run or nothing middle of the order base clogger. NOT SAYING he didn't have a good year, he did, he had a damn fine season but adding him I think was one to many of THE SAME TYPE OF HITTER in the lineup and having him right in front of Paulie really hurt the Sox options to do different things under Ozzie.

They scored a lot of runs (until the second half) but they also went into a lot of slumps of the nature of scoring a bunch of runs one night, than doing little the next.

The point was Thome vs. Rowand. I don't know if I can address your comment any more than I have...and again I'm not saying a thing against Jim as a person or as a player but he was just like Dye, like Konerko, like Buehrle...great players, but wasn't their way to call out a teammate, get in someone's face, make an issue on the field and if it meant getting into something with someone on the other team than so be it.

The 2006 Sox were limited in what they could do to score runs and they were very limited in vocal leadership.

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