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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
My thinking is that Brooks is going to want to concentrate if possible on the announcement of the ticket price reductions and the main overall reasons for the attendance decline for the past six seasons in his call with web sites on Tuesday, I have no inside info on that...simply my impression.

I know this is out of Boyer's realm, but I really would like to know if the Sox realize that the #1 main reason attendance has declined dramatically the last 6 years is the disappointing results on the field season after season.

I'm glad ownership has been willing to pony up money for payroll in recent years, but do they realize that something needs to be done to vastly improve the depth/talent in this organization. Mostly relying on "scrap heap" acquisitions and spending a lot of money on players like Adam Dunn isn't going to make this team a consistent pennant contender.

Until Sox ownership/management figure this out, attendance will continue to flounder even if we talk about these other factors until we're blue in the face.

Originally Posted by tebman View Post
..... What we have now is an increase in the noise floor: fan noise meters, "everybody clap your hands," "r-o-w-d-i-e," and all the rest. I just think that with some imagination and money from a couple of sponsors the White Sox could recapture their legacy for creative enjoyment.
I know those things aren't going to go away. My problem is that they seem to do these things over and over again at the Cell. The overall music selection is lame and stale.

Originally Posted by DumpJerry View Post
The only people who can see the Hall of Fame are Scout Seat people.
....and only people in the skyboxes can see the World Series trophy if I'm not mistaken. Why isn't that trophy out there in the main concourse for everyone to see? It sort of fits with the image of Sox ownership too focused on corporate clients (who are important, no doubt) at the expense of average fans.
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