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Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
Dunn has a career line of .240/.370/.499; if the Sox knew they would be getting much less than that, than they would not have given him $60 million over 4 seasons. Johnson has a career slash line of .237/.338/.412; Scott .260/.341/.487; and Reynolds .235/.332/.475. With a career .870 OPS, it is not hyperbole to say that Dunn has seriously underperformed his contract in his time with the White Sox. In two full seasons, he has had just two months with an OPS of at least .800; in those 10 other months, his slash lines look quite similar to that of the few players mentioned.

That said, I wouldn't want the White Sox to trade him this offseason:

Then, you're misunderstanding me. You advocated trading me by sending out $5-7 million per year on his contract. I think that his poor performance thus far with the White Sox means that, even with sending out that kind of money, the return on a trade would be so low as to be pointless. Dunn could still bounce back to his career numbers, or be mediocre and still put up 40 HRs as he did this past season. I don't think they could anything more than a AAAA player or organization depth in return, and those players are worth a heck of a lot less than the $10-12 million it would cost to send out Dunn in a trade.
The other thing is he really is a DH. He can play the field but every day would be a disaster. That will limit his market. So then you have to find an AL team looking for a DH willing to take his salary. The Yankees are cutting payroll. The Red Sox have Ortiz. The Tigers will not have the DH spot open. Who would take that contract, and give you something useful for him? You are correct, no one. I also agree with you, if you have to pay to get rid of him, keep him, just move him down to 6th or 7th in the line up, at least until he shows he can get back to getting on base like he used to.