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Question for you Frater: how much are you giving Cole in his FA deal and for how long?

I just read this: “Patrick Corbin's six-year, $140 million contract is the floor here. Chances are Cole will beat $200 million this winter and ink a deal closer to Scherzer's seven-year, $210 million pact.”

And...”Cole is better than Patrick Corbin, who signed a six-year, $140 million deal with the Nationals (although it was heavily backloaded, lowering the present-day value of the contract) and younger than Yu Darvish was when he signed his six-year, $126 million deal with the Cubs.”

Most of these figures are lower than I expected but the 6-7 years is what I think he’ll get. Considering he’s a California kid, I expect to see the Dodgers and Angels to make an offer. Houston can keep him but they’ll have to shed salary elsewhere. Perhaps that is an area where the Sox can help, especially if it means getting some prospects for putting $$$ toward the cap.

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