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Originally Posted by Railsplitter View Post
I never though Blyleven should have been elected to the HoF. 20+ years and not getting 300 wins isn't Hall of Fame material, and I don't regard Kaat and John as deserving either. Nobody talks about a pitcher who averages 12 wins a season as a future Hall of Famer, yet Kaat and John are mentioned,

As for Tony Oliva, I can't understand how a career .300 with three batting titles to his credit isn't in the Hall.
Without Tony Oliva's injuries, you probably wouldn't have the designated hitter today. And he was a disappointment as a designated hitter. Oliva's lack of longevity is why he is overlooked.

I think John is more deserving than Blyleven, but I believe there is more to the Hall of Fame than numbers.
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