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I think Madrigal is probably worth more to us than to other teams. I suppose you could have teams like the Cubs who would place a super value on a guy like him. A high contact high average low K no power superior defender in the IF would make sense in a lineup of 3 outcome hitters, especially a team lacking a long term solution at the lead off spot. That said I don't know what they have that we would want.

If you look at it this way - we should see 2020 something like this

3b Moncada
SS Anderson
2b Madrigal

OF - Robert and Eloy

C - McCann

Bench - Garcia, Yolmer, Collins (who rotates 5 days a week at DH , 1b and C)

That leaves 1b/DH/OF open

Assume Abreu is back for one of the first 2 spots, that leaves DH/OF open

I would like us to run at Tsutsugo when he is posted. He has some big power potential and could be dangerous in the DH/Corner OF spot. He is risky sure, but he is going to cost 1/2 of what Castellanos or Rendon will cost, and they won't come here.

That should leave a lot of money free to address the rotation and bullpen

I am going all in, every chip I can, on Cole, and trying to round out with a guy like Zach Wheeler

Cole - Gio - Wheeler - Cease - Kopech is a REALLY good 1-5, leaves Lopez to move to the bullpen where he should really be more effective.
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