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Originally Posted by voodoochile View Post
I think that if the Sox want to get a lot of value back they will have to look at younger players like Flores, Stievers, Walker, Sheets to throw into the package.

Possibly some of the 19 YO kids who have flashed well and of course possibly Gonzalez and Rutherford. They also have a few young reliever arms who have flashed well at A and AA this past year who might draw some interest.

I am not advocating for trading those players, I am merely saying I think they would have to go that way if they want to get back serious value. Trading MLB ready players to get back better MLB ready players rarely happens.
I tend to agree.

I think Bummer has a lot of value right now, more than a prospect like Stiever or Walker, who hasn't reached AA yet -- and certainly more than the ones who have reached AA and then been so-so.

I don't really know how much value Rodon has, but I think he may be worth more to the Sox in a trade than he will as a player.

Colome could be a useful second piece in a trade for a good but overpriced player. He'll fit in any bullpen (as a setup man, if not their closer) and his salary would offset the salary the Sox would be taking on.

I don't think the rest of the major-league names have a lot of value, but if you can get someone to take Evan Marshall instead of Gavin Sheets, that's a wise thing to do.
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