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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
I don't know- based on Keppinger's stats in 2010-2012- that seemed like a reasonable move to plug a position (3rd) where we had no one.

Viciedo in 2012 was a 23 yo LF- who gave better defense than expected with a plus arm- and hit .255-25-78- seemed like the next step for him was to start drawing some walks, raise the average a bit- not unusual for a 23 yo.

Flowers over AJ- not a good move- I think they lost the one guy in the clubhouse that would not have tolerated the dumbass way they've played baseball this year. I've heard AJ was so disliked in the clubhouse that that was part of the decision- but of all the moves- that was the one I'd question.

I'm willing to give Hahn this trading deadline and this offseason to prove himself.

I'd feel better if KW wasn't still lurking around- he needs to go- completely.
Can't really rip those offseason moves by Hahn when it was obvious that we had limited payroll to work with and no third baseman, plus A.J. (as much as I love the guy) realistically only has a few seasons left, so he picked a much-needed top of the order contact hitter over an aging catcher.

I still think Keppinger is a good player, but he broke his leg in the offseason, and it takes time to come back from that. People were expecting .320 off the bat from him. He hit .317 in June, and is hitting .280 the last 7 days. He is who he is, a patient contact hitter who only hits for average, so I don't get why some people expect Tampa Carl Crawford numbers from him.

IMO, the bad move wasn't to give Flowers and Viciedo a shot at extended big league time to see what they can do, the bad move was not to have experienced players backing them up, and instilling some accountability.

The idea of handing them full-time jobs with a AA catcher and Wise as the players pushing them for playing time was the poor one. Had Hahn acquired better bench players, then a slump means some bench time, other than letting them play every day regardless of the results.
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