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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
Hey, if we had 4 players of that quality, we could have this fixed next year. We have 6 of the players of the quality of the 2nd tier they added and none of the core they built around.
I agree. But we have a pitching staff. They had one reliable starting pitcher in their rotation---Buccholtz. Lester came off a terrible year, Lackey off Tommy John, they acquired Dempster and Doubront was a .500 pitcher. Added to that they acquired a closer in the offseason and he went down for the season. They are surviving on a AAA closer they promoted.

I am not saying it will take a year. Boston did it that fast-----so far. I think it will take us 3-4. But making good ( or lucky) FA signings and getting the Farm System in better shape are key elements to turning this around.
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