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Originally Posted by jdm2662 View Post
The core players of Keith, Seabrook, Sharp were already on the roster when he took over. Kane and Toews were just entering their rookie seasons, and already on the roster as well. The only main guy not on the roster was Hossa, but all he did was replace Martin Havlet. McDonough's job was to market the team. Putting the games on TV didn't take rocket science. My wife, who knew nothing about hockey prior to 2007, kept saying this. Although, his connections to WGN didn't exactly hurt, either. Yes, the current front office of the Hawks had something to do with the success, but the timing was just perfect for them. They took advantage of what they had, and more power to them.

Right, McDonough would just market the team and make going to a Sox game cool and fun. Which, this is exactly what we, as Sox fans, frown on about the Cubs. So, this is what we want know? Personally, I don't really care. I know the ballpark enough to make my own experience happen.
Read the game experience threads. I'm not sure about the "cool" part but a healthy dose of "fun" would be a welcome change.

Furthermore, more fans = more $; more $ = better players/healthier franchise (in theory).

The motivations of others who attend games makes no difference to me. If they are going because it's trendy, fine. If they're casual fans who are really just looking for a place to take the kids, also fine...
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