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Originally Posted by WhiteSoxNation View Post
Folks, Beckham is an average 2B man, who hits .240/15/60 in FULL seasons

He hit 16 bombs last year, decent pop for 2B. But he doesnt run well, doesnt get on base.

He's a nice 8-9 hitter in the AL at a postion where most other 2B man are near the bottom of the order anyway.

I say lets ride him out another year.

Leave Tank in the OF he's a solid outfielder who teams don't dare to run on.
Spend the $, move the pieces, go get us a 3B
I don't question that both Beckham and Viciedo could be placeholders for another year, and could improve in 2013. But there's two reasons why the Sox could think about moving them this offseason:

1) Improving the offense is going to be tough to do at other positions - Dunn, Konerko and Rios are pretty much locks to be here next year. De Aza has leadoff set, so where else can you add an improved bat?

The Sox have Morel and Flowers as a contingency at 3B and C and that would weaken the offense, not improve it. While I'd love to have A.J. and/or Youk back, those guys are getting older and starting to regress, so it would be status quo and just kick the holes in those positions down the road another year.

2) Both are increasing in salary. Beckham hits arbitration this year, and Viciedo is already at $2.75M with his bonus factored in and Boras will be looking for a bump in 2013. Teams won't buy into trading for their potential later on if the price tags get too much higher. It may be hard for Hahn to pass up a deal that gets us younger, cheaper and/or higher ceiling players back.