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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
Don't look now, but Chone Figgins just got released by the Mariners.

We need a 3B and Kenny loves reclamation projects and does usually end up with his "guys".

He'd fit right in with our crew of sub .240 hitters.

I don't follow the Mariners that closely but I know that the Figgins contract was a huge bust considering he was a really valuable player on the Angels. The M's certainly "bought high" on Figgins but overall, he was a really solid player in his career with LAA. Did he just pick up some bad habits in Seattle? Did he just age quicker than others and lose a step? Did he develop a mental issue like Adam Dunn in 2011? I'd like to hear from a WSI poster who can offer more insight on his fall. Inviting Figgins to Spring Training certainly wouldn't excite me as a fan but sometimes the Sox have success with reclamation projects. Hopefully, that is not Hahn's "plan A" for 3B.
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