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Originally Posted by PorkChopExpress View Post
We've got room. Just Move Viciedo back to 3B, and DeAza to LF (since he said he likes that position better than CF anyway). Yes, I know the general consensus is that Viciedo is not a good defensive 3B, and some here probably consider him the worst of all time, but in reality, he is probably just sub-par. Personally, I'll take that, if it helps the Sox get other pieces that will make the offensive machine work better. I'm still of the firm belief that it was the offense that killed us last year. Just out of curiosity, any of you stats guys out there have any idea how the Sox offense ranked in total number of 1-2-3 innings?
Remember when Carlos Lee played 3B? Viciedo at 3B would be like that. Subpar is putting it lightly. His bat (other than power) is still below average to average, it's not like we're hiding an all-star at that position like Miguel Cabrera. Bad idea.

If Youk or a trade for Headley doensn't work, there are also some lower cost FA options for 3B like Keppinger and Polanco who are good contact hitters and decent defensive players.