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Originally Posted by Harry Chappas View Post
Because now is not the time to start spending $$$$ on pitching. That's putting a tuxedo on a pig. This season is about evaluating what they have in Rodon, Giolito, Lopez, Cease, Hansen, etc. If 2-3 of them regress, the Sox will know what they need to shop for in '20.

I'm as frustrated as the next guy but the very worse thing the Sox could do is clean house in the front office. They have to allow Rick's plan to play out. If it doesn't work and the Sox aren't contending in 2021, he should be sent packing, no question. But bringing in a new GM - one that will also be hamstrung by Jerry's budget, is a poor idea.

Their drafting has improved. They appear to have a potential superstar in Luis Robert who Hahn/Williams were able to convince to sign with the Sox despite receiving a supposedly higher offer from STL.
I have no idea why people think Hahn is not doing a good job. His rebuild has been excellent. He did what he needed to do and now its on the players. Yes he has made mistakes but everyone does.
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