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Originally Posted by central44 View Post
I'm in the camp that wants to see the correct call every single time, if possible. In the early 1900s they had no choice but to live with human error--nowadays the technology to move away from that is all there, we just choose not to use it. For instance--we see the pitch tracker after every single pitch and can immediatly tell whether it was a ball or strike.

Personally I think the botched call that cost Detroit a perfect game a few years back was the beginning of a movement that will eventually result in a dramatic shift as to how games are officiated. If a missed call ever dramatically impacts a World Series, things will get very interesting.
Exactly, and how many times have the umpires decision to call the pitch a ball or strike was different than what the pitch tracker displayed?!

I hate seeing replay get involved in baseball. Over the years we've seen human error cost games and perfect games from being pitched. That's part of the drama. With football and basketball, there is a time element where electronics comes into play in order to manage the games and so replay is now a natural part of that evolvement. Baseball has no such requirements.

If anything, as mentioned, add another umpire up in the press box who has access to replay and can overturn a field umpire's decision (non balls/strikes) only when requested by the crew chief. Perhaps limit the amount of requests per team, similar to NFL red flags.

If replay is used when base runners are involved, the same out of bounds rules should apply.
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