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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
My mistake. It was a good trade.
You and Hahn have it right: The Sox need fewer .92 WHIPs, and .800 OPS and more minor league relievers. Hopefully the Sox can find a college reliever for their 2nd round pick, if not the first: that's how you build a baseball team.
And Jeff Samardzija is an elite starter:
There you go again, calling other posters Hahn apologists if anyone dares question the "facts" you throw out.

couple of points:
- Those A's players for Burdi wasn't a single trade
- Regardless of whether you hate the trade and subsequent draft pick, 7.1 IP to start the season really doesn't prove anything at all.

You're entitled to your own opinions....and I may very well be not far off from sharing your criticisms of what those transactions have netted us. But, with all due respect and like it or not, I'm entitled to call B.S. when you throw out misleading numbers without being accused of being a Hahn apologist.

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