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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post

I fully suspect (and expect) that in 20 years (I won't be around though) soccer fans will continue to be harping about how "the sport is ready to break through in the U.S.!!!!!!"

Bet on it, for real, it's gonna happen! LOL

The "sport of the 70's" will morph into "the sport of the 30's"
(as in 2030...)

There is a strain of arrogance among many American sports fans that rules out soccer as un-American. Many were upset when CBS tried to force soccer down their throats in the 1960s, telling them it was the sport of the future (despite its history as an evolutionary predecessor for both American football, hockey and basketball -- the first basketball game in Springfield, Mass., being played with a soccer ball). There are Americans today that deny its growth in popularity in the U.S. But I was in a Las Vegas casino a few years ago watching a White Sox game on a small screen among a large, loud crowd watching a World Cup match on the big screens.

If you want to smugly talk about the future of sports in America, you might consider that more American kids are growing up playing soccer now than football or baseball. Soccer is cheaper and simpler to play at any level. Fewer kids are playing organized football because of associated health risks, which former NFL players are vocally making the public aware of, and youth leagues and schools are facing higher insurance costs. Major League Baseball has has had to take steps to get more kids to play baseball. Basketball and soccer are the sports with the biggest growth potential.

This is only relevant to the discussion tbecaue he WBC is an effort to get more people interested in baseball worldwide, to maximize the interest in the sport, the sort of global interest enjoyed by soccer and basketball. Obviously, the WBC is a long way fom the World Cup or even the world basketball championships. For that matter, there are too many non-Ameican teams have too many Americans on the field. But I believe a baseball World Cup is a great idea fro the future of the game.

I'm not going to be around in 100 years, but it would be nice to think baseball will be. If I find myself propelled at speeds approaching the speed of light and wind up in the next century, it would be nice to take in a White Sox game.
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