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Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
How many Cy Young's for Blyleven and Kaat?
I think you missed my point (or it was unclear). I'm not arguing that Kaat deserves to be in or that Kaat was better than Glavine. Had Kaat won 300 games -- even without a Cy Young Award to his credit -- he likely would have made it to the HOF because certain milestones (e.g. 300 wins) seem to be guaranteed ticket punchers to Cooperstown.

FWIW, both Don Sutton and Phil Neikro have over 300 wins and did not win a Cy Young Award. Both are members of the HOF. IMO as long as you reach the magic number, you're in the HOF. But if you get really, really close, but fall short (like Kaat), no guarantee you make it.
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