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Originally Posted by DrCrawdad View Post
I agree with the points about Arne Harris and Harry. The writer, the impish Paul Sullivan was weeping uncontrollably as he wrote this and he got a punch or two at the Sox, as always. Sullivan is a ��

When Sullivan was the Sox beat reporter he’d regularly say, “the announced attendance...” as his stupid little attendance jab. During the Cubs rebuild where there were YUGE differences between announced and actual attendance Sully never said a word. Dweeb.
But...but...he’s a Sox fan!

I find it hilarious that he once got called on the carpet by the previous Cubbie regime for not being enough of a company man. How was it possible that the Cubs didn’t see him as company man.

By the way, I was at Soxfest a couple of weeks ago and eagerly anticipated seeing a current player or an all-time great in the bar. Who did I see instead? HIM. Yuuuuuuuucch

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