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Originally Posted by Flight #24 View Post
So far, we have Moncada and Anderson and Rodon looking very good to great. Lopez and Jimenez and Giolito have shown flashes, and Cordell in short time as well.

That's a pretty successful season if maintained. And if they had a halfway decent pen, would likely be on a 6 game win streak and a 10-9 record. (I know - if wishes were fishes and all, but still....)
Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
Any optimism now is about cornerstone pieces beginning to look spectacular, not about extrapolating wins for the season.
Originally Posted by FielderJones View Post
Exactly right. Wins and place finished this season are beside the point. The competitive roster is still a season or two away. Development of young players at all levels is the point of this season, and seeing them succeed at whatever level they are at is a cause for optimism.
Yep, so far this year Anderson, Yoan, Rodon, Cease, and Robert have looked great in the early going. Madrigal is doing well too. Jimenez is showing flashes of his potential at the plate and looks like he's going to be a monster before long. That's a pretty solid core of our future team (plus Kopech). I'm eager to see if Lopez and/or Giolito can start showing some consistent success too. Lots of players to follow closely both on the 25-man and in the minors.
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