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Originally Posted by Grzegorz View Post
... I was a little surprised about your comments about Cease being handled with care. ...

On one hand, you look at Cease's numbers at Charlotte, and you conclude he's pretty close to lights out. On the other, his starts are curious because he isn't pitching past the fifth. It doesn't seem to be a matter of pitch count, although Saturday night he threw more than 100 pitches without finishing the fifth. Assuming the organization has a reason for the way they are pitching Cease in Charlotte, he can't be considered close to being ready if he isn't going seven innings regularly in starts against AAA lineups even if it's a question of pitch count. It isn't simply a matter of limiting sample size. It's a matter of facing hitters at least three times in a start, which is something a strong major league starter should be able to do after the sixth.
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