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Originally Posted by slavko View Post
Played for a tie in the 8th and got it. Bad baseball by today's standards or justified because Yolmer was the one called on to bunt 'em over? Don't ask me, I just post here.

I wouldn't have sacrificed down by two in the seventh, but it worked as well as could have been hoped, short of Sanchez himself reaching on a multi-base throwing error. The Sox not only put the tying runs in scoring position for the ninth-place hitter, they got the hit to drive them home with Cordell advancing to second, putting the go-ahead run in scoring position for the top of the order with one out. But as of this writing, the Sox haven't scored since.

Managers always go to the bunt more than fans would like. Even managers who say they hate bunting end up bunting. I don't always get the feeling from Renteria, but managers scrambling to do what they can to win, and when push comes to shove, they go to the bunt. And in weighing the Sox chances after the first two hitters reached in the seventh, I can see how it made some sense against the probability of Sanchez striking out or hitting into a double play. The Sox leaving Cordell at second, though, seemed to seal their fate.

I was actually confident coming into this game, not just because the Sox had played well this week in Cleveland, but because I am not impressed with the Indians. When it became a bullpen game, though, however winnable the evening seemed, the battle felt uphill.

The starting pitching wasn't quite good enough to squander what little opportunity the Sox had tonight.
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