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Originally Posted by slavko View Post
Played for a tie in the 8th and got it. Bad baseball by today's standards or justified because Yolmer was the one called on to bunt 'em over? Don't ask me, I just post here.
Iím not a fan of the bunt, but it was a good call with Yolmer in that situation. Itís 2 advances instead of 1, so while the overall number of expected runs goes from 1.437 down to 1.376, the probability of plating at least 1 run in the inning goes from .610 up to .676.

Youíre also calling for the bunt with a guy who is an above-average bunter (69.2% career success rate vs. a league average of 63.8%) and a below-average hitter (80 career OPS+, 78 career wRC+). He also has never looked worse at the plate than he looks this year. His ISO is 86 points lower than his career mark (.036 to .122), which means he poses virtually no threat to get the extra-base hit to drive those runners in by himself.

Securing those 2 advancements and setting things up for a guy who is a .025/.035/.200 upgrade is what a player in Yolmerís situation should be asked to do. It puts him, and Cordell behind him, in the best possible position to succeed.
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This is the major leagues so get it how you live and letís fight tomorrow.
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