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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
It's been done about 90 times. It used to be a lot rarer, but Sale is the third pitcher to do it this season. There were four pitchers who did it last year. There were eight in 2017. More than a third of of the MLB immaculate innings have been recorded since 2010. I don't know if much was made of it when Thomas Pannone did it against the Rays in April.

Obviously, the list was a lot shorter and more impressive when I was reading the record book when I was a kid and Sandy Koufax stood out as having done it three times. When I saw White Sox pitcher Joe Henderson get two three-pitch strike outs in a 1974 game against the Twins and go 0-2 on Eric Soderholm, I was disappointed that the ninth pitch was a ball.
How far back do records stretch on the immaculate inning though? I could see writers or other people noticing it as far back as the '60s but I can't imagine many people were paying attention to it in the '30s or back when Christy Mathewson was pitching.

Go Sox!!!
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