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Covey should have gotten though six with a 2-1 lead, which would have given him a win. You can't pitch over an error when the error that should have ended the inning brings in the run. Fortunately, the error just ended up making the night more fun.

Any game where the difference is a successful suicide squeeze is a fun game. It looked like a safety squeeze wouldn't have brought home the run. And with Cordell having bunted foul on the first pitch of the at bat, I'm not sure how the Sox got away with it. No doubt some kid in the stands, maybe going to his first game with his father, saw it all happen in amazement. Then his father leaned over and said something like, that's the way to play baseball."

Of course, the game could have been crisper. In addition to the Blue Jays scoring on a White Sox error, the first White Sox run came in when Stroman failed to pitch over an error in the first.

Apparently the reviews slowed things down. I seriously believe that if baseball is concerned with the pace of the game and wants to make a pretense of fairness by offering challenges, requiring a challenge to be made before any instant replay can be made available, that is, forcing managers to go by what they see or what the players see, just as the umpires do when they make their calls, will speed up the process significantly.

I don't know what has happened to the Blue Jays. Looking at this team now, I keep seeing names of players who were supposed to develop into quality ballplayers. Justin Smoak, almost a decade ago, was a top-20 prospect who the Mariners pried way from the Rangers in a July Cliff Lee trade. Like Smoak, Randall Grichuck was a first-round pick, actually the outfielder the Angels picked before picking Trout. Billy McKinney was the second great prospect the Cubs got from the A's when they fleeced the A's to get baseball's top prospect at the time, by some accounts, Addison Russell for Jeff Samardzija. It's strange seeing them all end up starting for a team that really isn't very good.
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