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Originally Posted by Flight #24 View Post
Big picture, win is nice but Moncada/Anderson/Eloy/Gio/Lopez were nonfactors (not a negative esp for those not playing, but minimized the positive impact long-term). Tilson/Cordell continued to look solid as did Covey and the pen.

But another big picture (maybe medium) is that after a 2-6 start, the team has played about .500 ball (technically 18-16). And that's with little to no contributions from Eloy, the Santana/Banuelos crapfest slot, and some equally craptastic outings from Nova. Offset a bit by some good Rodon outings.

Overall I think there's more likelihood that the team plays better with better options for the #5 SP, Eloy returning (and starting to hit more), and continued production from what was the Palka ofer slot. That's a great sign that a .500 year is in play which would be huge.

Of course, the guys listed at the top are what matters, but if they maintain r improve their overall performance to date and the team is .500, that's going to be Gold Jerry, Gold.
In fairness to Moncada, one of his outs was a screamer to left. Even when he goes Ofer, he's still making excellent contact more often than not.
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