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Originally Posted by hoosiersoxfan View Post
How many years away do we think Burger is from the majors? Do Davidson/Yolmer hold down the hot corner until Burger is ready? Also, its pretty clear Hahn is going to make a run at Machado next winter. If they could pull off bringing him in that would be great. All reports says Machado wants to play SS going forward. Wonder where that would leave Anderson if Hahn could pull it off. Maybe TA could play the outfield or be a trade candidate.

Obviously a long shot at this point but I'm interested in seeing what Burger's future holds.
I too am very interested in how Burger pans out, and if his bat becomes MLB ready they will find a spot for him to play. Just look at how the Cubs juggle so many players in different positions. He could play 3b, 1b, DH, or LF likely. It seems Sanchez/Davidson will play 3b this upcoming season just by default, I would hope to have a more clear picture of that position by next season, with Burger's development or a trade/FA signing.

I don't see Anderson being anything other than a number 9 hitter due to his horrid K/BB ratio and very low OBP. He is still young, but the writing seems to be on the wall. In the scenario you pose with Machado at SS, Anderson is likely traded or is a super utility or plays the Javier Baez role.
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