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Originally Posted by Nellie_Fox View Post
If BP doesn't think that using the PECOTA projected RS/RA to plug into Pythagorean W/L, then they should say so, and certainly not do it themselves. Since they do it, that seems to say they think it's a legitimate thing to do.
It's because every-****ing-body knows that how they do it. It's why RS/RA are the 3rd and 4th column. How the **** else do you guys think you win and lose games? It's based on runs.

Originally Posted by asindc View Post
What fact does it underline for those who use PECOTA's RS/RA projections to publish actual W/L projections?
That they're publishing the PECOTA projections?

Originally Posted by sullythered View Post
Then BP should not project wins, at all. They should only publish projections on RS/RA, so as to avoid confusion.
First, if you actually go to their site, you'll see they do list RS/RA in the projections and second, what point would be served by not just doing the computation? Anyone with a 10-cent calculator can turn RS/RA into Pythagorean W-L. It's a very simple formula.

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