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Originally Posted by mzh View Post
You really don't think Dayan could potentially put up at least .268/19/83? That's what Zobrist averaged over the last 4 years. He'll never walk as much as Zobrist, but people here seem to undercut Viciedo's value as a 24 year old who despite his flaws can ****ing mash.
I'm not one of the Viciedo bashers by any means, but the thing that makes Zobrist signicantly more valuable is not only his OBP but his ability to play just about every position with some proficiency.

If Viciedo does get to that slash line(though that's not exactly the triple slash I would use) he'd definitely be considerably less valuable than Zobrist. He's a (poor to mediocre) corner outfielder, not an incredibly versatile middle infielder who can also play OF better than Viciedo.
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